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How to Protect Your Rights After a Dog Bite

If you or someone you love has been the victim of a dog bite or animal attack, there are things you can do to protect your rights. All animal owners should be held responsible if their pet causes serious harm to somebody else. At the Orange County Law Offices of Carlson & Johnson LLP, we protect the rights of dog bite victims across Southern California. We will make sure you get fair compensation to help you deal with your injuries.

Strict Dog Bite Laws

California has some of the most strict laws in the country regarding dog attacks. There is strict liability for all pet owners, even on their own property. We protect the rights of all types of dog bite victims, from children to mailmen and UPS drivers.

There used to be a law in California that pet owners had one free bite. They could not be held liable for the first attack or bite by their animal, but that law is no longer in place. Pet owners can and should be held responsible for the actions of their pets, regardless of the pet’s prior history.

Anaheim, California, Area Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bites can leave both serious mental and emotional scars. We make sure our clients receive compensation for the full extent of their injuries. From facial scarring to broken bones, we will make sure you have access to the immediate and long-term medical care you need. With an extensive psychology background, attorney Randy Johnson knows how to analyze the lifetime emotional impact a dog bite can have on a victim.

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