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Slip-and-Fall Accident or Injury?

If you have been injured on someone else’s property, an experienced attorney can make sure the negligent owner is held responsible, so you get a chance to recover. At Law Offices of Carlson & Johnson LLP, we protect the rights of individuals who have been injured on both private and public property. Whether you were attacked due to poor security or were injured in a slip and fall, we can help.

Premises Liability Counsel

Land owners have a responsibility to maintain a safe environment on their property, and the same rules apply to individuals, companies and government entities. We are dedicated to protecting the rights of all personal injury victims.

We are not afraid to raise premises liability claims against any party, including:.

  • Governments for poorly maintained sidewalks
  • Supermarkets for failure to warn of a dangerous condition
  • Private parking lots for poor lighting or security

All our premises liability cases begin with a thorough investigation into the conditions that led to your accident. In many cases, a dangerous condition that was known about for months was never taken care of properly, and the property owner’s negligence led to your eventual accident. From wobbly manhole covers to broken stairs, these conditions must be fixed or proper warning must be installed.

Whether you were the victim of an attack due to negligent security or you were the victim of a dog bite, premises liability claims can be filed for a wide range of injuries. Inadequate lighting can lead to a car accident that results in brain injuries. A slip and fall can easily lead to spinal injuries. Whatever injuries you have suffered, we will make sure you have access to proper care.

Free Initial Consultations

When you suffer a serious injury on someone else’s property, find out more about your rights and make sure you get the full extent of compensation you deserve. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our lawyer are ready to help you explore your options. We also make home and hospital visits, so contact us online or call us at 714-289-9818 today to schedule a free initial consultation.