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Involved in a Truck and Car Collision Accident?

Semi trucks are designed to haul freight – lots of it. The weight of a typical loaded tractor trailer is many times that of a passenger vehicle. A head-on collision will be fatal to those in the car, and almost any collision will end in terrible injuries to those in the automobile.

These injuries include brain and head injuries, spinal cord injuries often including paralysis, broken bones and amputation. These require extensive medical care, frequently for the life of the injured person.

Seasoned Personal Injury Counsel

You need a law firm with the financial resources to take on trucking companies and insurance companies especially after a semi accident or other commercial vehicle crash. The Law Offices of Law Offices of Carlson & Johnson LLP work tirelessly to find any and all parties that can be held financially responsible. These potential defendants include the driver, the parties who loaded the trailer improperly, a company that failed to maintain the truck safely, a manufacturer that produced a defective truck part, and others. Companies that pressure drivers to work long hours, speed, or that refuse to maintain safe vehicles must be held responsible.

Our California attorneys know the state and federal regulations governing commercial carriers, and use any violation of these laws to bolster our clients’ cases.

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