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All car accidents are dangerous, but if a semi truck is involved, the potential for serious injury is much greater. At the Orange County and Riverside Law Offices of Law Offices of Carlson & Johnson LLP, our attorneys protect the rights of individuals throughout Southern California who have been seriously injured in truck accidents. We have seen the devastation heavy truck loads can have on normal cars, and we know how to hold companies liable for their negligence.

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The injuries suffered in truck accidents are often much more devastating than those suffered in two-car accidents. In order to get the full extent of the compensation you deserve, so you can deal with the full impact of your injuries, you must be able to maximize your claim. In order to maximize your claim, you must know the federal trucking regulations. Protecting truck accident personal injury victims for over a decade, our lawyers know how to conduct an investigation into every aspect of your motor vehicle accident.

We will look into all of the following concerns that may have impacted your accident:

  • Driver logs
  • What was being hauled
  • Who loaded the truck
  • Who is responsible for truck’s contents
  • Driver record
  • Driver training

Whether the truck driver involved caused the accident or the trucking company’s negligence led to conditions that caused the tractor trailer accident, we will find out what happened and hold people responsible. We will look into the safety and training procedures put in place by the company and look into things that every trucker should know.

With offices in Orange County and Riverside, we have handled many cases involving haulers and shipping companies. As two distinct entities, these groups have entirely different rules and regulations regarding trucking practices.

Orange County also sees a lot of heavy traffic along 91 Freeway, I-5 Freeway, and State Road 57. The area where these roads merge is known as the Orange Crush, and the amount of traffic there can lead to devastating semi truck crashes.

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Whatever led to your semi truck accident, it is our job to respond quickly, so you can make a full medical and financial recovery. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from our Orange County and Riverside offices, we are ready to help. All cases are handled on a contingency basis, so you do not have to worry about fees. Contact us online or call us at 714-289-9818 today for a free initial consultation.