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Riding a public bus or otherwise taking public transportation is convenient and affordable for millions of people. Others take public transportation because it is more friendly to the environment than driving a car. Whatever our motivation, we take it for granted that we will get to our destination safely. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Big, slow-moving vehicles generally protect passengers and are safe, but with so many passengers each day, so few personnel attending to safety, and the maintenance required for enormous and complex machines, serious public transportation accidents do happen. If you are waiting for a bus or commuter train there is the danger of being injured by it. If you are onboard and an accident occurs, you may be thrown across the compartment, or struck by an object. Poor maintenance and operator error are common causes of accidents.

Suing a Public Entity

Suing a city or county is not as easy as it sounds. Lawyers on staff are there to minimize payments and expenditures—especially in these times of budget deficits. You will need a law firm with the resources to investigate and take on a complicated case, different in many ways from an action against a private party or insurance company. The procedures, including filing deadlines, are different. These cases may even involve injuries to multiple victims and even deaths.

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