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Serious ATV Accident Injuries

Most accidents involving off-road vehicles like all terrain vehicles (ATV’s) are one-vehicle accidents. The rider him or herself is often guilty of carelessness, or lacks training. Speeding along a field or trail is, by nature, somewhat dangerous.

But a head injury, or paralysis, is a serious matter.

  • If an adult loaned an ATV to your eight year old
  • If a negligent property owner left a dangerous condition on his or her property
  • If the manufacturer or marketer of the vehicle was negligent
  • If another rider negligently drove into you

There is liability with that party and you have a right to compensation for your damages.

ATV’s, sand rails, dune buggies and similar vehicles are used for recreation and in some cases, practical transportation. They are fun and versatile. But generally there is no age limit for their use, little regulation, and no helmet requirement. They are used on a wide variety of uneven and unpredictable surfaces.

As with motorcycle accidents, riders have virtually no protection in an accident, and can be thrown from the vehicle into almost any hard object or surface.

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