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Representing Injured Motorcycle Victims

Motorcycle accident victims are typically the innocent party who has suffered serious injury, and total loss of the motorcycle. The challenge in these cases is to convey this reality to a jury. If the insurance company of the party at fault can portray the biker as a risk-taker or daredevil, they will not make a fair settlement offer out of court.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, the driver of an automobile doesn’t see the bike, or fails to look carefully before turning into the motorcycle. The most common accident causing severe injury involves a driver turning left without seeing an oncoming motorcycle. Bad weather, dim lighting, poor vision or sheer carelessness of the driver are causes.

The rider has virtually no protection from the car, the roadway and metal parts of the bike with which he or she comes into contact. The injuries include disfigurement, head injury, neck and spinal injury, broken bones and other major injuries. Call us if you have lost a loved one in a fatal motorcycle crash.

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Attorney Randy Johnson was an insurance defense attorney before beginning work for injured plaintiffs. He knows the strategies they will use to avoid adequate compensation to injured motorcyclists. We build the strongest possible case, with extensive research and analysis. We are dedicated to obtaining the maximum financial recovery for you. Our lawyers have extensive backgrounds in investigation of accidents and in litigation, winning millions of dollars for our clients.

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