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Serious Bus Accidents and Injuries

A bus company and driver offering service for profit is different from a friend driving you to work as a favor. The former is a profit-making business, subject to rules and regulations requiring training, proper maintenance of equipment, and strict adherence to traffic regulations, among other things.

If such a “common carrier” causes an accident through negligence, they and not you should bear the cost of your personal injury or property damage.

Like trucks, busses are large and extremely heavy machines. They can travel just as fast as automobiles, and when they

there is usually severe damage or injury.

Busses are top-heavy and particularly vulnerable to bad weather, such as slick roads and high winds. Companies have sometimes hired drivers with bad driving records, lack of training, or records of alcohol or drug problems.

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If you or a loved one has suffered a public transit injury either as a passenger, pedestrian, or driver of another vehicle, you may have a right to financial compensation for injuries or property damage in a personal injury claim. Common carriers are subject to federal and state regulations and a high standard of care.

The Law Offices of Law Offices of Carlson & Johnson LLP make it a priority to develop legal strategies tailored to each client’s unique personal and financial needs after a personal injury. Whether a school bus, city bus, tour bus, or public or private entity was involved we will investigate to determine the cause, and who was responsible.

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