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Can crush injuries happen due to truck crashes?

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Crush injuries can happen in surprising situations, despite the fact that many people automatically associate them with natural disasters and traumatic, rare events.

In fact, crush accidents can and do often happen in car crashes, too. This is especially true when trucks come into the picture.

What are crush injuries?

Up to Date talks about crush injuries and the related impacts. Crush injuries happen when part – or the entirety – of the body ends up pinned, run over, flattened or otherwise pressed down upon by something larger or of greater weight.

The source of crush injuries can vary greatly. For example, if someone runs over another person’s foot with a truck, this counts as a crush injury. If a person ends up trapped beneath rubble when a building falls in an earthquake, this is also a crush injury.

Despite the variation in crush injuries, nearly every one is severe to some degree and requires immediate medical attention.

How truck crush injuries happen

When it comes to trucks, crush injuries often happen if a car ends up trapped below the body of the truck itself. They may also occur if the truck slams into a vehicle with enough force. In some cases, parts of the truck may pin a person to the ground if they end up ejected from their vehicle.

All of these injuries are catastrophic and potentially life threatening. Immediate medical aid must come to the scene as soon as possible to help ensure the best possible outcome, but sufferers of crush injuries will likely deal with the fallout for the rest of their lives.