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Severely injured victims have a lot to deal with, including finding the appropriate medical providers, paying for them, holding the negligent parties accountable and dealing with insurance. Sometimes, it means dealing with multiple insurance companies, multiple people within those companies, as well as multiple medical providers and their staff.

It is entirely too complicated at a time when you need everything to be streamlined to recover. And, this is where the attorneys at the Orange County Law Offices Carlson & Johnson LLP, can help because we can handle all the back-end issues so that you can focus on healing from your serious injuries.

For the families too

Unfortunately, accident victims with serious injuries do always survive, and the family members left behind are left to figure out how to go on. Carlson & Johnson understands this devastation and the need for justice and recompense. We protect your rights. This is regardless of whether your loved one died as a result of another’s negligence driving a vehicle, a construction accident or any other type of accident. We are here to protect your future and get you the justice you deserve.

Sensitivity and compassion

For victims and their family, rage is a common emotion, especially when the victim passes. Grieving takes time, but life unforgivingly keeps going. Your bills still come in, and if you fall into your grief, you could lose your house, care and your family savings. However, through a Santa Ana, California, personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death lawsuit, you can fight back and get justice.

Complicated cases

Sometimes, a traditional lawsuit would not have the outcome you desire. For example, an uninsured negligent driver can be sued, but unless they have assets, a lawsuit would likely only be a victory in name, but not in restitution. However, the attorneys at Carlson & Johnson think outside of traditional notions of liability. We look at all possible recovery options.

For example, if the Santa Ana, California, car accident was caused by an equipment malfunction, the manufacturer may be liable. Perhaps, a government entity has some liability due to poor lighting or poorly maintained roads. In other cases, if the vehicle was owned by a business, even if uninsured, that business would likely still have liability.