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Driver recklessness believed to be causing rise in fatal crashes

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Across California, people who take to the road in any capacity – as drivers, passengers, bicyclists or pedestrians – are fully aware of the dangerous ways in which drivers are behaving. That includes speeding, texting and driving, driving under the influence and general recklessness.

This is not their imagination. Researchers are citing statistics and anecdotal evidence regarding the increase in accidents with serious injuries and fatalities. This began during the national health crisis and has continued even as society has slowly gotten back to normal. Knowing the factors of the spike in accidents can be important for those who were hurt or lost a loved one.

Initial fatality statistics for 2022 the worst in two decades

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that the most recent numbers for auto fatalities in 2022 show that it was the worst quarter since 2002. When compared to 2021, there was a 7% increase. Overall in 2021, the number of deaths was the worst in 15 years. It is believed that the recent health emergency was a major contributory factor. Worryingly, the numbers have not improved as people headed back to work, school and resumed a relatively normal life.

Prior to 2020, there had been a steady decline in road fatalities across the nation. After that, it is believed that drivers took advantage of emptier roadways and lax law enforcement to push the limits of what they could get away with on the road. That led to crashes of greater severity.

In Los Angeles, there have been high-profile accidents resulting in people losing their lives. One involved a vehicle that ran a red light at 90 mph, killing six people. Speed-related deaths have been a problem across the United States. For 2020, there was a 17% increase in speed-related fatalities throughout the U.S. Alcohol-related deaths rose by 14%. Distraction – especially among younger drivers – is also said to be a concern. This is happening even though drivers are continually warned not to use their devices behind the wheel, especially after school has started and children are vulnerable.

Having help after an auto accident can be key with knowing how to move forward

Auto accidents happen without warning and can leave people wondering what the future holds physically, personally and financially. Being aware of what can be done to lessen the burden is imperative. This is true whether there were injuries or the death of a loved one. The cause of the collision can be a fundamental part of a claim to receive compensation. Calling experienced professionals who understand all parts of a case can offer advice.