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Helping you recover compensation following a California dog bite

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While dogs are deemed man’s best friend, that does not mean they are a friend to all. Although dogs are domesticated and owned by individuals to maintain as a pet, they are still an animal and can be unpredictable. As such, a dog bite could suddenly occur, resulting in an unsuspecting victim suffering serious injuries and a traumatic event due to the negligence of a dog owner.

California dog bite laws

The state of California has some of the strictest laws concerning dog bites and attacks. Strict liability applies for all dog owners. This remains true if their dog is not on their property when the bite or attack occurs. Whether a child, adult, mail courier or delivery driver fall victim to a dog bite, this law protects the rights of all victims.

Previously, the law in California used to afford dog owners one free bite. The reason being that a dog owner may not have knowledge of their dog’s dangerous propensities or risks they pose others. Nonetheless, this law is no longer applicable, which means a dog owner can be held responsible for the bites or attacks by their dog, regardless of their history.

Filing a civil action

At the Law offices of Carlson & Johnson, LLP, we understand that dog bites can be very traumatic events. It can be challenging to cope with the pain the attack caused. Thus, we are here to help inform dog bite victims of their rights and advocate for them. Our goal is to provide you with the compensation you deserve so your losses are addressed and a full recovery from the injuries suffered is attainable.

Falling victim to a dog bite could alter one’s life. Not only does a victim experience physical harm, but they are also likely to suffer emotional and mental harm as well. A victim could develop severe fears of dogs, and the trauma of the attack could impact how one lives their life. Thus, it is imperative that all the damages are assessed, and our law firm will take the time to calculate these harms and help our clients recover the compensation they deserve.