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Rise in fatal auto accidents sparks call to action

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

In Orange County and the surrounding areas, the streets are constantly busy. People commute back and forth to work, enjoy the agreeable weather for exercise and do their daily tasks using the roads as drivers, passengers, bicyclists, runners and pedestrians. A growing worry, however, is the increase in auto accidents across the United States. In Los Angeles specifically, there was a rise of nearly one-quarter in 2021 when compared to 2020. Addressing these challenges is a priority of local, state and federal governments. Still, given the problematic aftermath, it is imperative for people who were injured or lost a loved one to be prepared for the future.

Distraction, speeding and recklessness

Several factors are believed to be contributing to the increase in accidents. Notably, drivers are driving at excessive speeds, using handheld devices behind the wheel and behaving recklessly. Part of that is due to the emptier roadways because of the national situation. Another issue that was mentioned is the size of automobiles with larger and heavier vehicles on the road. When combined, more accidents happen and their severity is worse.

Before 2021, the number of deaths in auto collisions had been lowering slightly or remained static. Unfortunately, in 2021, there were 294 road deaths in Los Angeles alone. Also, more bicyclists and pedestrians lost their lives. Although this can happen to anyone, there is a national trend for poorer people to be involved in a greater number of fatal accidents.

The federal government has crafted various plans including the National Roadway Safety Strategy as part of the recently passed infrastructure legislation. The goal is to eliminate road fatalities. While that is lofty and admittedly unlikely, steps like better road construction, planning and design are potentially effective ideas to make the streets safer. Automakers are being encouraged to design their vehicles with features like automatic braking.

Consider your options

An auto accident will lead to inevitable problems for those involved. If there were injuries, the need for medical care, a major loss of income and adapting to different physical limitations are possibilities. When there is a fatality, families will need to confront the unexpected and unnecessary loss of a loved one. Whether it is a white-collar worker, a young adult, a child or a hardworking immigrant who is suddenly facing a radically changed life, having assistance to decide on the future is key. Consulting with those experienced in all aspects of accidents and injuries may be a vital step for the future.