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What you should know about getting compensation for your lost wages

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2021 | Personal Injury |

After a serious accident, you may be unable to work for a considerable period of time. Not receiving your regular income while you recover is likely to present a significant hardship.

Pursuing a remedy against the person or business entity that caused an accident may be the best course of action. A legal claim can include expenses such as medical debt as well as the wages that you could no longer earn.

Calculating your lost wages

Valuations for lost wages should be as precise as possible, so personal injury claimants who receive an hourly rate should calculate wages with hours and salaried workers should use pay periods as a unit of measurement. If your pay varies or consists of a sales commission, you can establish a close approximation based on averages of previously documented earnings.

Earnings that you will be unable to make in the future

You may need to initiate a personal injury claim while you are still taking time away from work and recovering from your injury. In this instance, you need to use a forward-looking valuation with input from treatment providers about when you may resume your regular activities at work.

An injury could have a permanent impact on your ability to generate income. When a disabling injury halts your professional advancement, you may be able to seek compensation for your diminished earning capacity.

The economic harm that you sustain from an accident may cause you as much hardship as the physical harm that you suffered. Getting compensation for lost wages can help you focus on your wellness.