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Common construction worker injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Construction workers have a very important job building homes, roadways and workplaces. They can face several different hazards, some of which can cause serious injuries.

Common injuries

Construction workers can be seriously injured if they fall. A worker may have to climb on scaffolding, work on a rooftop or use a ladder regularly. Even one fall can result in broken bones, fractures and in some severe cases, paralysis.

They can also face struck-by injuries, which are caused when a worker is hit by a moving vehicle, equipment or falling object. Construction crossing guards and paving or surfacing equipment operators are commonly hurt by struck-by injuries in work zones.

Workers can also suffer injuries if they are run over by large trucks or crushed between large vehicles, walls or concrete. These accidents can be caused by a lack of oversight by management at the work site.

Also, construction workers can be injured in building demolitions. If the demolition is not done properly, the workers can be caught in an unexpected collapse.

Delayed conditions

In addition to the injuries mentioned above, construction workers may suffer from conditions that are not immediately apparent. It’s not uncommon for a worker to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder after he or she has been in an accident. Sometimes this happens if the worker witnesses another worker’s injury or death.

Construction workers may also experience respiratory disorders from chemicals or dust. The symptoms may develop over time. An experienced attorney can provide guidance and pursue a claim for compensation on behalf of the injured worker.