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Understanding the significant impact of burns

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2021 | Personal Injury |

When a person is burned in an accident, he or she can suffer serious harm. Victims may not know that the tissue damage caused by a burn may not develop immediately. It can take several days for the signs and symptoms to fully develop.

Deep burns may result in a life-threatening emergency and they may require immediate medical attention. Some people may also require treatment at burn centers, which can result in long term care and expensive medical bills. They can also develop bacterial infections, suffer from fluid loss and scarring as well as bone and joint problems.

Burns can happen when a person is exposed to fire, hot liquids, hot metal or glass and ultraviolet radiation. When person breathes in chemicals like acid, paint thinner or gas it can cause burns and breathing difficulty.


There are generally three burn categories. First degree burns affect the outer layer of the skin and may cause redness or pain.

Second degree burns affect both the outer layer of skin and the second layer of skin. These burns may cause swelling, painful blisters and scarring. Third degree burns reach the layer beneath the skin and can cause nerve damage and numbness.


Burn victims may be treated with fluids to prevent dehydration, pain medication, mist therapy to clean and disinfect the wound, topical treatments and medication to fight infections. They may also require physical and occupational therapy. In serious situations, they may also need skin grafts to replace scar tissue and plastic surgery to improve the appearance of the skin.

An experienced attorney can provide representation to victims and discuss next steps.