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Footwear to avoid when driving

On Behalf of | May 17, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Many factors can cause a car accident, but one thing that rarely gets talked about is the type of shoes you’re wearing while you were driving. Believe it or not, your footwear can affect your driving and could even cause you to have an accident. Here are a few reasons why the shoes that you wear while you drive in California is very important.

Why does it matter?

Some people may read this and think, why does it matter what shoes I wear when I drive? The truth of the matter is that certain footwear may lead to you having a pedal error, which can end in an accident. Pedal errors include when your foot slips off the pedal or presses on the wrong one.

Footwear to avoid

Shoes that don’t securely attach to your feet shouldn’t be worn while driving. These include sandals and flip-flops. These types of shoes have the potential to fall off while you’re driving and get stuck under one of your car’s pedals, which can lead to a motor vehicle accident.

Another type of shoes that you should avoid wearing while driving is high heels. Wearing high heels while driving can cause discomfort and lead to awkward sitting angles due to the length of the heel. Driving barefoot is also not recommended because your bare foot won’t have as much friction or attraction as if you were wearing actual shoes.

Acceptable footwear

The ideal type of footwear you should wear when driving are shoes that are securely attached to your feet, have an acceptable amount of traction and a flat sole. This includes your average pair of sneakers, such as running shoes or tennis shoes.

People also sell driving shoes specifically made for driving. These shoes are typically for people who drive sports cars, but they could also help a regular person who needs shoes that have good grip and pedal traction.

You may think that the shoes you wear while you drive aren’t important, but proper footwear will greatly increase your safety while driving. A good way to avoid the risk is permanently keeping a pair of shoes in your car in case you’re wearing unacceptable footwear.