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More dog adoptions in 2020; dog bites increase too

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Getting a new pet is an exciting even for individuals and families in California. A dog is considered man’s best friend and a great companion for adults and children. However, getting a dog is a major responsibility and can oftentimes be far greater than one initially imagined. Thus, some dog owners find it difficult to properly care for and maintain their dogs. This unfortunately could lead to a dog misbehaving or running at large, which could result in a dog bite or attack.

Increase in dog bites during 2020

One positive that came out of the otherwise harrowing 2020 was the increase in dogs getting their forever homes. Pet adoptions have gone up significantly, as a vast majority of the population is spending more time at home or working remotely. However, this also means more chances for these dogs that may have been abused or had a rough life to encounter strangers. This in turn results in a greater number of dog bites and attacks.

Causes of dog bites

Getting a pandemic puppy may sound like a great idea; however, it is one that comes with great responsibility. If an individual, family or household is not ready or prepared for it, than issues will occur. Any dog no matter the breed, size or age can bite. For many that experience a dog bite, it is often due to resource guarding. The dog believes something or a territory belongs to them. When it gets encroached on, they will defend it. Other could be accidental during play, because they were provoked or simply caused because a dog was at large and scared.


The damages suffered by a victim can be extensive. A dog bite could leave an individual with serious injuries and even deformities. In some cases, it could cause lifelong trauma and emotional damages, resulting in an individual to be fearful of all dogs.

A dog bite is considered a serious injury. It not only results in physical harm directly from the bite or attack itself, but it could cause mental and emotional damages. A victim could be left with a fear of dogs or is triggered when they are near the location of where the bite or attack took place. Therefore, it is vital that victims explore their rights, such as filing a personal injury action. This civil suit could help hold a negligent dog owner accountable and assist with the recovery of compensation for losses suffered.